A decade ago,  I was named the first Journalist of the Year at Florida A&M University. It’s been a wild ride navigating digital content creation, media strategy, and freelancing ever since! 

Listen, the media industry changes every day.  In the past year alone, I’ve produced three unscripted digital shows on YouTube, profiled the biggest celebs in music and film, wrote the year’s highest-viewed editorial feature on Complex, created branded content with Under Armour, chronicled my fabulous beauty routine on Hello Giggles, spoken about being an editor of color on various panels, and even written a spec and pilot. 

Based in NYC, I’ve been on staff at some of the biggest brands in the world. At BuzzFeed, I helped determine editorial standards and starred in a viral video. From there, I ran the website of Sean Combs’ upstart media network, and now I’m a Jane of All Trades at Complex magazine. I also nurture and support other creators via freelance proofreading, developmental editing, copywriting, and media strategy consulting services.

I’m passionate about representation for multicultural audiences and nurturing the voices of People of Color. But that is not an exclusionary statement. The diversity of my experience spans genres, platforms, and titles. 

Here’s how to reach me.